The Early Years


Founded in 1993 with an investment of RMB 300,000, the company’s occupied area is 5,000 square meters, and the number of employee is 32 rotary cutting poplar veneer is the main product .The annual turnover is around RMB 3,000,000











The Formative Years


In 1997, Xuzhou Wood Co.,Ltd was founded with the investment of RMB8,000,000, covering 33,000 square meters and owning more than 200 employees. In this year, the production capacity including film faced plywood, commercial plywood and blockboard, reached to 10,000 cubic meters. The yearly output value was added to RMB 45,000,000.




film faced plywood



film faced plywood



The Growth Years


In the year of 2008, RMB 20,000,000 was invested to enlarge the factory to 50, 000

square meters. And the number of employees was increased to 500. At this time, we

annually offer 10, 000 cubic meters fancy plywood and 30,000 cubic meters other

plywood. The annual turnover rises to RMB 160,000,000


The growth period


With an investment of 120 million yuan, Jiangsu WOOD GROUP Building Materials Co.,Ltd. was founded, which covered 133,000 square meters. It annually produces 250,000 cubic meters film faced plywood, 23,000 cubic meters fancy plywood,100,000 cubic meters film faced plywood and 5,000 cubic meters other special plywood. The annual output value is up to RMB 4,000,000,000.






2011 - Today

More than 20 years development, now WOOD GROUP has more than 9 wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies.

Main Service:

Wood Building Materials Manufacturer

Wood Building Materials Inspection

Wood Building Materials Import & Export

Real Estate Development


Main Product:

Film faced plywood

Commercial Plywood

LVL scaffolding Plank

LVL packing board

Block board






WOOD GROUP company WOOD GROUP Building Materials Co.,Ltd. (WOOD GROUP) is one of largest manufacturer of plywood and related products in China, which was founded in 1995 with 6 subsidiaries. We are now enjoying 62 production lines of film faced plywood ,commercial plywood and LVL. Our productivity of

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