commercial plywood slection and use

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Select the plywood to note the following:



1. Plywood has both positive and negative differences. Selectthe plywoodwi

thclear wood grain, smooth and flat, not rough, to be flat without stagnation;


2. Plywood should not be damaged, bumps, mishap, scar and other defects;

3. Plywood without degumming phenomenon;

4. Some plywood is made of two different lines of veneer together made of, so the choice should pay attention to plywood patchwork should be tight, no rugged phenomenon;

5. When you select the plywood, should pay attention of non-loose plastic plywood. If the hand plywood plywood parts, the sound crisp, it proves good quality, if the sound nausea, then the plywood has appeared scattered plastic phenomenon;

6. Select the garnish panel, but also pay attention to color uniform, consistent texture, and wood color and furniture paint color coordination.


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